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A Repeatable SharePoint Deployment

With ShareSquared’s SharePoint Composer, you can design and build out a SharePoint infrastructure, from a single server configuration to a multi-farm configuration. If you have an existing 2007 implementation, it lets you crawl your existing installation and pull it into a map to show everything in SharePoint from the farm down to page configuration, service accounts, and content database.

“You can crawl an existing install and save it to a Word or PDF file, documenting a farm in a day when it used to take a week,” says ShareSquared’s David Kruglov. Then, using Composer’s validation engine, you can identify issues with your current configuration and ensure your design meets your requirements. If you are starting out with a new SharePoint 2010 implementation, Composer offers best practices design templates for specific scenarios.

SharePoint Maestro provides access to configuration settings in SharePoint that aren’t available through Central Administration and Maestro logs every action as the SharePoint farm is built. The result is a repeatable, SharePoint deployment that exactly reflects the blueprint created in the design canvas and adheres to SharePoint best practices, without manual configuration or the development of complex deployment scripts. To learn more, see the SharePoint Composer website.

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