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Optimizing SharePoint for Mobile Users, This Solution Aims to Fill Performance Gap

"We're seeing a lot of interest in SharePoint on mobile devices," says CTO Rob Shaughnessy, with the WAN optimization company Circadence. "In enterprise, it could be the biggest driver of SharePoint. Right now, the big driver is people who are mobilizing their SharePoint environment and finding that performance is not where they want it."

To address that performance need, Circadence has taken its WAN optimization solution and built a version of it to improve and enhance the SharePoint experience for mobile users. MVO for SharePoint is aimed at ensuring end users have the same SharePoint experience across mobile devices as well as desktops.

Installed and managed on the SharePoint server, its client runs on the desktop and the mobile app runs on Apple and iOS. It also provides an SDK to include optimization right in applications.

"It's an economical way to bring WAN optimization into the small enterprise," says Circadence CTO Rob Shaughnessy. "A lot of times these organizations were faced with managing large appliances to service a relatively medium-sized need. This solution enables them to right-size, cuts down on maintenance and support costs, and makes it easier for admins to control and manage."

Circadence has been in the WAN optimization space about 15 years. It was focused on US government and military, then reemerged in the commercial space a year and a half ago. "We had actually used these technologies in a SharePoint environment for years with military and government customers. Our customers were using our WAN solutions to accelerate their SharePoint solution."

Shaughnessy says faster uploads and downloads are typical results from the Circadence solution, with better link resiliency and session persistence."On the cloud side of it, because we're running as an app, a service on the SharePoint server, customers who host their SharePoint server in the cloud can implement it easily. It's just another software app." Circadence MVO for SharePoint is priced at $1,995 for the server and $29 per user. To learn more, see the Circadence website.


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