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Office 365 Personal at Your Fingertips for $6.99 a Month Image Credit: Microsoft

Office 365 Personal at Your Fingertips for $6.99 a Month

Microsoft recently began selling Office 365 Personal, which is a new, lower-priced subscription for users that includes Office 2013 for Windows and Office for iPad. Users can choose to pay for Office 365 Personal at $6.99 per month, or they can also sign up for a yearly subscription for $69.99, saving $13.89 a year.

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The difference between Office 365 Personal and the Office 365 Home option that's priced at $9.99 per month, is the number of devices you're allowed to install with Personal. With a Office 365 Personal subscription, you can install Office on a single PC or Mac, plus one tablet. If you opt for Office 365 Home, then you can install Office on five PCs or Macs, in addition to five tablets.

If you're torn between choosing a subscription plan, Office 365 Home is a great option for families who have multiple PCs and devices. If you've got smaller needs, however, than Office 365 might be the better option.

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