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Move Over, Miley--And Vegas, Baby!

This week, the world was stunned when Miley Cyrus, America’s latest gift to the teenage pop culture scene, quit Twitter. All I have to say is, “Thank Goodness.” Next week, at the SharePoint Conference, I’ll be returning to Twitter (danholme)to share my experiences and the exciting announcements from SharePoint 2010’s big coming out party.

My tweeting has been muted, lately, as I finished some huge Windows projects, but now that the shroud will be lifted and the news floodgates opened about SharePoint 2010, you can be sure I’ll be spending a lot of time and energy focused on helping the community prepare for a successful upgrade to and implementation of what is an incredibly exciting new release. Hopefully I can pick up some of Miley's 1.1 million followers… there have to be at least a few SharePoint admins and devs who are following her in order to relate to their kids, right?

The SharePoint Conference will be the first of two trips to Vegas for me in the coming weeks. The second will be for SharePoint Connections, which is my favorite SharePoint event. I love speaking to the high-caliber, diverse group of attendees at Connections. But even more, I love meeting and learning from folks who are also out there trying to make the most of SharePoint. It’s always a great source of ideas and inspiration, as well as solutions for problems I face. Connections is just the right mix of “next version” (2010), “current version” (2007), practical and deep-dive, “Microsoft Kool-Aid” and independent perspective.

I’ll be presenting a preconference “jump start” for SharePoint collaboration, a smackdown between SharePoint document libraries and Windows Server 2008 R2 file servers, a session about knowledge networking and SharePoint, and a governance session in which I will try to unravel a lot of confusion around information architecture and information management, which are the yin and yang of design drivers. Unfortunately, most organizations have been yin’ed and I’m going to try to yang them back to balance.

We have a team of fantastic speakers: Scot Hillier, Michael Noel, Andrew Connell, Wendy Henry, Asif Rehmani, Steve Fox, Anup Kafle, Tom Rizzo, John Holliday, and more. Check out SharePoint Connections and come join us, if you can! It will be a fantastic event.

As I head off to Vegas, I am anticipating the great “unveiling” of SharePoint 2010, and to sharing the incredible things it offers with you. Join me on Twitter, stay tuned for big changes with this newsletter, and unfasten your seat belts: it’s going to be an exciting month!

Editor’s note: Starting next Monday, October 19, 2009, this newsletter will be known as SharePointPro Connections UPDATE. We’ll also be updating our website, and Dan Holme and editor Sheila Molnar will be posting and Tweeting from the Microsoft SharePoint conference. Stay tuned!

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