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Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partnership Helps Enterprises Move to the Cloud

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partnership Helps Enterprises Move to the Cloud

In an effort to make it easier for organizations to benefit from Microsoft's mobile first, cloud first initiative, the company has created partnerships with BT and Verizon that will make it easier for organizations to adopt Microsoft Azure on their own terms.

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According to Microsoft, the newly-formed partnerships provides enterprises with several different options for connecting with Microsoft Azure. The partnership with BT now allows customers using BT's IP VPN service to seamlessly extend their existing corporate networks into Microsoft Azure via the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service. Similarly, Microsoft's new partnership with Verizon now allows enterprises to leverage Verizon's Private IP service to connect to multiple cloud services, including Verizon cloud and Microsoft Azure.

"Together, we are not only bringing additional choice in cloud solutions to customers, but will also provide a more secure and reliable connectivity option for enterprise customers, reducing barriers for adoption of cloud computing and accelerating the growth of Microsoft Azure," the company announced in a prepared statement on their blog.

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