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IT Skills and Salary Report: What You Earn and Why

IT Skills and Salary Report: What You Earn and Why

Are you being paid what you should be? According to results of a Global Knowledge survey of IT and business technology professionals, that depends on your specialty, your region, and the size of your organization.

Salary-wise, IT pros working primarily in so-called “collaboration apps” reported higher salaries than those working, for example, in email and messaging.

But neither of these specialties was the highest or the lowest paying in IT.

Results of the survey show many organizations plan on investing in four IT areas, and notes three areas where training seems to be paying off for IT pros.

The survey, conducted annually in partnership with Windows IT Pro, gathered input from 16,300 respondents worldwide, with 74 percent of those in Canada and the United States.

Results of the survey show that organizations with 1,000 or more employees anticipate investing in the following areas, for starters:

  • application implementation and support
  • mobile apps
  • security
  • business process improvement

Organizations with smaller organizations plan to add skills in networking, peripherals, and servers.

The survey also notes what certifications still seem to be popular, what percentage of respondents received bonuses and raises, and how many women are represented in the profession. Interestingly, job satisfaction was not rated this year, although it was last year and showed respondents weren't as satisfied then.

Download the survey results [PDF].



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