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Imperva SecureSphere 10.5 Protects Your SharePoint Files in Real-Time

Imperva SecureSphere 10.5 Protects Your SharePoint Files in Real-Time

Imperva, a vendor that specializes in providing enterprise-level security for physical and virtual data centers, announced today the availability of SecureSphere 10.5.

In this new release, SecureSphere has the ability to protect against access to SharePoint files in real-time depending on the organization's policy. It controls access through several different behavioral and contextual factors, such as the rate in which data is download or source IP, giving SecureSphere for SharePoint users more visibility and control to protect their data from theft or misuse.

Furthermore, the company also emphasized that SharePoint adoption has reached 65 percent with enterprise customers, where two-third of these enterprises are relying on SharePoint as a collaboration tool.

"It is reasonable to assume that SharePoint holds business-critical data, including regulated or sensitive information. Recent high-profile SharePoint breaches have exposed the massive weaknesses in SharePoint access control, which leaves this sensitive information at risk. As SharePoint continues to gain traction in the enterprise, security and risk teams need solutions that can lockdown files that contain sensitive and regulated data," Imperva noted in a prepared statement.

Visit Imperva’s product page to learn more about SecureSphere for SharePoint.

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