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Global SharePoint Events Still to Come in 2011

Conferences and Workshops to Put on Your Wish List

It's been a busy time for SharePoint admins and devs, and before we know it, we'll be in 2012--a year that will be all about SharePoint vNext and Windows 8. 

Before that happens, though, there's a slew of high-quality events being staged all over the world--events that will help you take your SharePoint implementation to the next level.  Because I just finished booking most of the rest of my year, I've been focused on identifying the events that I think will be the ones not-to-miss, and I'd like to share the list of events I'll be attending in this week's column.

Microsoft TechEd Australia (Gold Coast, August 30 - September 2).  While TechEd North America took place in Atlanta in May, Microsoft is staging TechEds around the globe. I'll be at the Australia event, where I'll be presenting a session or two. I'll also be offering free consultative sessions--hour-long blocks of time in which I can sit down with you and work to address some of your SharePoint challenges.  You can learn more about this "Hour with Dan Holme." I'll be spending the week after TechEd visiting SharePoint customers in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Microsoft SharePoint Conference (Anaheim, October 3 - 6). You certainly know that Microsoft is throwing the party of the year for the SharePoint community in Anaheim. This SharePoint-focused event has been very carefully crafted by Microsoft to provide technical information that's "just right" for this stage in the SharePoint 2010 lifecycle. Pretty much everyone will be there, and SharePoint software and service companies have some big surprises up their sleeve for the event. I'm really excited for this one, and for the opportunity to spend time with my colleagues at Microsoft and from around the world.

European SharePoint Conference  (Berlin, October 17-20). Not to leave the other side of the globe without a big event after TechEd Europe was moved to next summer, the European SharePoint Conference will be a SharePoint-only event. It's sure to replicate the spirit and the high-caliber content of the SPC in Anaheim. Berlin is a phenomenal city, and I'm really looking forward to getting back to the German capital and sharing ideas with the great crowd that the event will attract.

SharePoint workshops, London and Germany (October). I'm jumping the gun on this one just a bit, but it's looking like we will be producing a more intimate and content-intensive one-day event in London and Germany, just before and after the European SPC. Rather than a slew of speakers and sessions, we'll be more focused on infrastructure optimization, content management, and governance. If you're interested in details, email me and I will send you them in the next week or two. But since we're talking events, I didn't want to leave this out of the picture.

SharePoint Connections (Las Vegas, October 31 - November 4). Connections is back at the Mandalay Bay this year for another excellent event. If you have team members who can't make the SPC, this is the place to go. But it also has an benefit over the SPC: Not only do you get to learn about SharePoint both from Microsoft and from independent experts, you can also take advantage of sessions, content, and experts from all of the other Connections tracks: Windows, Exchange, SQL Server, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, and more. Connections is an awesome alternative to TechEd for those IT pros and devs who wear multiple hats.

SharePoint Conferences (Singapore, November 8-9; Hong Kong, November 11). Debbie Ireland and her talented team are expanding their success in the region this year. The Singapore conference will be even bigger and better; and it's followed up by an event in Hong Kong! I'll be delivering a keynote, and I'll be joined by many of the top SharePoint experts from the region and from around the world for a slew of great sessions.

SharePoint and Exchange Forum  (Stockholm, November 14-15). Another excellent, multi-technology event takes place in one of my favorite cities in the world--Stockholm. I'm thrilled to be making my first appearance at this successful conference, and if you get me in the right mood, I might even talk a little Swedish to you (yes, little known fact that jag kan svenska). But more importantly, Goran Husman has put together a lineup of fantastic speakers.

SharePoint Saturday  [registration site not yet open] (Honolulu, December 2). Do I need to point it out again, HAWAII, FOLKS!!! Yes, I'll don a lei and, if you're lucky, a hula skirt (LOL) to welcome you to the beautiful islands of Hawaii where you will get to spend a day with an excellent group of speakers, consultants, authors, developers, and customers diving into SharePoint. Let me also point out that this is on a Friday, so as not to be outdone by this week's SPSTC (SharePoint Saturday, the Conference, in Washington DC), I'm dubbing this event SPSTF (SharePoint Saturday, The Friday).  So that leaves a whole weekend to share some sunshine and surf.  I expect I'll throw some kind of pre- or post- party on Maui for anyone who wants to hop over to my island.

There are many other awesome forums for the SharePoint community to come together. SharePoint Saturdays  are held every weekend, somewhere in the world, and SharePoint user groups are flourishing.  There are also other top-rate conferences that I am not attending, so I didn't list them, BUT if I missed your favorite event, don't hesitate to add it as a comment to this article!

Hope this helps you fill out your calendar for 2011.



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