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Getting Creative with SharePoint: Roundup of New and Improved Products

Getting Creative with SharePoint: Roundup of New and Improved Products

Workflow, extranet security, publishing, mobile tools

For the greater good, we offer a new SharePoint drinking game that’s workplace friendly. Every time you see the word SharePoint on this page, simply take a sip of coffee, tea, water, Mountain Dew, or other workplace beverage of choice.

We guarantee that by the bottom of this page, you’ll not only be more alert, but you’ll know more than your coworkers about the amazing creativity that’s brewing in the SharePoint space as vendors create and improve on new products.

Kind of makes you glad there are gaps in SharePoint. Well, someone out there is glad.

The 7-Year SharePoint Itch

Have you worked in SharePoint for seven years? No? This solution has--Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint (ExCM) turned seven this year. It’s from PremierPoint Solutions, formerly known as SharePoint Solutions, and is designed to create, secure, manage and streamline the use of SharePoint extranets. See the PremierPoint Solutions site.

SharePoint! Understand?

NanoLearn is a SharePoint add-on that enables organizations to track viewing and understanding of content found in SharePoint document libraries and across the Web. Intralearn Software designed it to address the gap between “current information” and eLearning courses. See the Intralearn site.

Oh, That SharePoint Flow

K2 for SharePoint is a solution that lets users build and run business applications within SharePoint using forms, workflow, data, and reports. From K2, it enables you to integrate SharePoint data with existing line-of-business data -- all within SharePoint. See the K2 site.

SharePoint Users in a Taxi

WebDrive is a business productivity tool that lets users search and view folders on a variety of servers worldwide. Launched for iOS last October, it’s now available to Android users on the Google Play Store. Created by South River Technologies, WebDrive gives users access to their FTP, WebDAV, SharePoint, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and other protocols through a single mobile and desktop application. See the WebDrive site.

News, Views, SharePoint

Attini Comms is an end-to-end news solution for SharePoint and Office 365. It offers a publishing experience that includes the targeting of articles based on profile. The reading experience is available on any mobile device, and custom feeds can be created based on user profile. See the Attini site.


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