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DIY Database Functionality You Can Share, Says Wozniak Brother

Just because we’re all about SharePoint doesn’t mean we’re not interested in other collaborative software solutions. Recently we heard about InfoDome, an online database that lets you collect, manage, analyze, and share your data.

In development for three years, InfoDome was released in March 2010.  Says Mark Wozniak (yep, Steve’s  brother), VP of products, "We address painful problems that most business and technology professionals face with managing data across remote users. With InfoDome, you don't have to worry about who has the latest version of data or who sees what, or for that matter, someone changing your formulas or formatting.  And you don't need any IT infrastructure - it's all browser-based."

Spreadsheet users and database authors can import data, visually design forms and relational reports with drag-and-drop functionality, share or embed them in a website, and drill into data for business intelligence. Forms and reports can be accessed, edited, and selectively shared with users, regardless of their location.

A limited-use free subscription is available to all users, with full-featured plans starting at $15/month.  Or users can start with a 30-day free trial.  See InfoDome’s website for more information. 

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