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Create No-Code Robust Applications Using Access 2013 Web Apps

Microsoft Access 2013 enables users to create easy-to-manage, robust applications on top of SharePoint (both Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint 2013). The management and modification for this type of app takes place using Access 2013, but the app itself is then launched to SharePoint. End users need only a browser to interact with this type of app, no matter where they are physically located, since the app runs within SharePoint.

In the past, these types of apps have suffered from poor adoption due to the lack of a solid back-end system that protects the data integrity. For that reason, Access 2013 Web apps data is stored completely in SQL databases, guaranteeing the scalability as well as data integrity that SQL is known for.

The possibilities are endless for the type of app you can create using Access 2013 to host on SharePoint. Following are just a few of many example scenarios of the types of apps:

  • Issue tracking
  • Project management
  • Contact management
  • Asset tracking


The following video demonstrates the creation of an Access 2013 web app from scratch:

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