Conference to Address Development Needs

SQL2TheMax promises to give developers, systems analysts, and IT managers an opportunity to take their enterprise-level and intranet-enabled application development needs to the next level. The conference is scheduled for September 23 through 24, 2000, in Orlando, Florida. Attendees will be able to upgrade their SQL Server skills with the latest version of SQL Server 2000, learn to use the new support for advanced 32-way symmetric multiprocessing machines, and discover the new Data Mining Services and the SQL Server 2000 version for Windows CE. The conference will offer 45 sessions dealing with core SQL Server development issues, including e-commerce with Microsoft Internet Information Server; OLAP, data warehousing and data mining; optimization, design, and security; architectures and hardware for reliability and performance; and load balancing to fiber channels. The conference is sponsored by Microsoft, the Microsoft Developer Network, and Fawcette Technical Publications. To register, visit

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