Zetafax 4.50M

Easy installation

Ease of installation is important for any software, especially for such complex software as enterprise fax servers. The previous version of Zetafax (reviewed in "The Fax of Life," Windows NT Magazine, February 1996) had some difficulties in this area, particularly with configuring a Brooktrout fax adapter. Zetafax 4.50M addresses these difficulties and has an easier installation process.

Before you install the Brooktrout fax adapter, use Windows NT Diagnostics to identify any available I/O addresses and interrupts on your system. Then determine which of these settings the Brooktrout fax adapter can use. Configure the adapter's I/O address and interrupt to match the available settings, and install the adapter.

The Brooktrout adapter is properly integrated with the Zetafax software, which includes drivers for the Brooktrout adapter. To configure the adapter interface, from a command prompt, go to the \ZFAX\SERVER\BTROUT\INSTALL directory. ZFAX is the directory where you installed Zetafax. Run the install program, and enter the interrupt and direct memory access (DMA). Choose the default for all other options, but choose "no" when the installer asks whether you want the driver to automatically load at start up.

Additional new features include support for cc:Mail address books and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), group notification for inbound faxes, and interoperability with Zetafax's modem sharing.

Zetafax * 770-457-0703
Email: [email protected]
Price: $525 (5 users)
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