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You've Sat; You've Stayed. Now Seek!

IT Job Hound helps you sniff out a new job

For her birthday, I gave my sister a card embossed with golden print that reads "The economy stinks. Be happy you got this card." Endearing sentiments aside, my gift choice tells you two things: first, America's economy is so bad that even greeting cards are getting grumpy; second, my so-called sense of humor might cost me the affection of a family member.

However disappointing the birthday gift (and my attempt at a joke) most likely was, the shiny message on it is accurate. And in this economy, which has forced companies to nudge—and sometimes shove—employees out of comfort zones and even jobs, I've noticed a change in attitude toward job hunting and job hopping. Here in the United States (and even in countries with better economies), it seems that many employers are most interested in applicants who have several different jobs under their belts. Today, changing jobs--or even pursuing a completely new career—is not only accepted, it's almost expected. And whether you want to simply compare your skills to the industry's preferences, secure a new position, or completely change your job title, I'm here to tell you that, just like on, "It's OK to look." In fact, Windows IT Pro offers a free resource that even makes it easy to look: IT Job Hound.

IT Job Hound is an online job-search engine that concentrates on the IT industry, focusing on positions for developers, IT pros, designers, and those somewhere in between. Job seekers can find recently posted positions from top IT companies by searching the site or signing up for email job alerts—no registration required! You can upload your resume and choose to show your name and contact information only after an employer has expressed interest in you. Employers benefit from free, unlimited searches of the resume database and the connection to the IT industry's most qualified candidates. Whether you're seeking a job or a job seeker, check out IT Job Hound at a (If you're looking for gift ideas for a special occasion, give my sister a call.)

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