Your Assistant Needs Your Assistance

Help yourself by helping us. We carefully select the content of each SQL Server Magazine issue; although we’re mindful of your needs, we’re not mind readers. We need your feedback and input! Tell us if we’re hitting the mark with these resources or if you have something to add.

Building Your Data Warehouse
In this series, Michelle A. Poolet helps you prepare for decision support systems and business intelligence (BI) efforts. (For more information, see “Building Your Data Warehouse,” InstantDoc ID 96313.) I don’t think I can comment much on Michelle’s articles, but I can say that I had Chinese food with her once, and she was wonderful lunch company. Somehow, I think that your feedback will be a little more insightful than mine. Tell us what you think at

It’s Time for Your Tools
Have you found a great SQL Server tool that makes your job easier? Or did you stop searching and just create one of your own? Tell us about it! We’re looking for free SQL Server tools to highlight in Kevin Kline’s Tool Time column. Post your tool recommendations at

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