Work with toolbars - 30 Oct 2007

You can control the toolbars that are visible on-screen, and move those toolbars to the location that makes them most convenient.

  • Use the View → Toolbars menu to turn toolbars on and off.


    Right-click any visible toolbar and select or deselect toolbars from the popup menu.

  • Drag the move handle on the left edge of the toolbar (or the top edge of a vertically-oriented toolbar) to position the toolbar in a new location on the screen. You can drag the toolbar to any of the window's sides--as you near a side the toolbar will snap, or 'dock' to that side. Or, you can drag the toolbar away from the window's edge to the middle of the window, where the toolbar will become a floating toolbar.

    toolbar move handle

    Double-click the title bar of a floating toolbar and the toolbar will return to its docked position.

  • If you will be using the options or commands in a sub-menu or in a drop-down menu, you can 'tear off' the menu by dragging its handle away from its anchor.

    drop-down menu handle

    The menu becomes a floating menu or toolbar, making it easier for you to access its shortcuts.

    Font Color floating toolbar

    When you are finished using the floating menu or toolbar, click its close button to close it. The menu will be available from its original parent menu or button.

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