Work with objects in grayscale and pure black and white

To preview and manage how objects appear in Grayscale and Pure Black and White:

  • Click the Color/Grayscale button and select from its menu.

    Color/Grayscale button

Once you are in Grayscale or Pure Black and White mode, you can modify the behavior of individual objects:

  1. Select an object
  2. Right-click and choose from the Grayscale Setting menu (or Pure Black and White Setting menu)
    or click the Setting button on the Grayscale (or Pure Black and White) toolbar.

    Grayscale Setting menu

This menu of settings will allow you to change what appears when an object is printed in Grayscale or Pure Black and White, versus printed (or displayed) in Color. You will want to experiment with options for each object on your slide to determine the best choice for each.

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