Windows IT Pro Community Forum, November 2012

Generating Random Passwords

Thanks to Bill Stewart for the PowerShell script in “ Generating Random Passwords in PowerShell” in this month’s Windows IT Pro. Sometimes I find myself staring at the screen thinking of a completely random password. Great job!

—Bob Mitchell

Recommended Utility for Windows 8

I know a lot of users will complain about the lack of a Start button on the desktop in Windows 8. But since installing Windows 8 and trying to like it, I finally gave in and installed a cool little utility called Classic Shell. For me, Classic Shell has made the Windows 8 experience a whole lot better. I still use the Start screen but just not unnecessarily. I think your readers will love it. I’ve been following Paul Thurrott from the start! Keep up the good work.

—Ed Jones

Get Your Windows 8 On

I read Paul Thurrott’s article “ Enterprises: Now’s the Time to Get Your Windows 8 On!” and my response is that the Windows 8 “Metro” interface is not user-friendly for business enterprises. Up until Windows 8, I always enjoyed learning the new Windows experience of a new version. I’m a diehard Windows XP user, but I know I’m going to refresh my network with Windows 7 because it’s a great successor to XP. My users have already voiced their positive experiences about Windows 7. As for mobile devices, Windows 8 will probably turn out OK, but the “Metro” UI isn’t for laptops and desktops in the corporate environment. Just for the fun of it, I installed Windows 8 on a system to test users’ reactions. Guess what? They all hate the interface. Not only did I get a negative response from everyone, but I believe Microsoft is making a huge mistake by not giving all of its consumer and business enterprise customers an option to use the Aero interface and Start menu. Worse is the fact that Microsoft is using the “Metro” interface on Windows Server 2012, as mentioned in Michael Otey’s “ Is Microsoft Trying to Kill Windows Server?” It’s not a good move on Microsoft’s part. The company is already alienating a large technical base in my area. I belong to a local technical group, and we’ve all agreed that we won’t purchase or install Windows 8 on any client system.

—Dave Scaletto
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