Win2K and NCD ThinPATH Plus

Windows 2000 (Win2K) supports client-side printing, but not sound, and Win2K doesn't map client Universal Serial Bus (USB) or COM ports. However, NCD ThinPATH Plus might not be the way to get this functionality. Although the final version of Win2K wasn't available at press time, don't install NCD ThinPATH Plus Client Services with beta versions of Win2K. NCD claims that the software works on Win2K, but the product didn't work with beta 3 in my tests, and the software destroyed a .dll file that termserv.exe requires so the terminal service no longer worked (I made this mistake twice because I didn't realize what had happened the first time). I couldn't uninstall NCD ThinPATH Plus, and reinstalling the service and repairing the installation didn't work. I had to reinstall the OS.

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