Why don’t some BackOffice 4.5 components install on Windows 2000?

A. When you install Microsoft BackOffice 4.5 on a Windows 2000 machine, the BackOffice suite components, Microsoft Exchange Server, and the intranet collaboration kit might not install. If you receive an error message during installation and you click Cancel, OK, the message will display every time you log on.

After you complete the installation, perform the following steps to install the failed components.

  1. Restart the server.
  2. Start the BackOffice 4.5 setup program. (From the Start menu, select Programs, Microsoft BackOffice, Microsoft BackOffice 4.5 setup.)
  3. Select Add BackOffice Server components, then proceed with a custom installation.

The components that didn’t install during the previous installation are automatically selected. These components will install successfully when you proceed with the installation.

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