Why does Windows Movie Maker 2 freeze when I try to save a large movie file?

A. Windows Movie Maker 2 users might encounter a problem when they try to save a movie whose size is greater than the available RAM. No fix exists for this problem, but you can implement one of the following workarounds:

  • Buy more RAM.
  • Close any unnecessary programs on your computer.
  • Increase the pagefile size, which might let the computer write to disk more of the items in memory and thus free more memory.
  • Save the movie in a lower quality (on the Movie Setting page, select "Other settings," then select "High Quality Video (small)").
  • Reduce the size of your movie by removing unnecessary parts such as pictures and video transition effects.
  • Save the movie in small sections and then import the sections into a collection.

If you can't work around this problem, you might want to consider third-party production software such as Ulead Systems' MediaStudio Pro 7.

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