Why can't my Windows 98 clients log on to the Windows 2000 domain?

A. This problem occurs when you upgrade a Windows NT 4.0-based domain to Win2K and in the process the SAM becomes corrupt. The Win98 clients receive the following message:

This device does not exist on the network.<br>
The domain password you supplied is incorrect or access to your logon server has been denied.<br><br>
Currently, a fix to this problem doesn't exist. The only way around it is to back up the users, remove Active Directory (AD), recreate AD, and import the users. Perform the following steps:
  1. Back up the users and groups to a text file using the addusers.exe utility (in the Win2K Resource Kit):

    C:\&gt; addusers /d users.txt<br><br>
  2. Remove AD using the dcpromo.exe utility.
  3. Reinstall AD using the dcpromo.exe utility.
  4. Use the addusers.exe utility to import the users and groups contained in the text file, thus recreating the accounts:

    C:\&gt; addusers /c users.txt <br><br>

Obviously, in a large environment, this solution might be difficult, but it does stress the importance of making sure you test your whole range of clients when you upgrade to Win2K.

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