Where can I find album art when I'm recording digital music?

A. If you've recently upgraded to Windows XP and want to use the cool Album Art feature--which replaces the folder for each audio CD you record with a copy of that CD's album art--for your existing audio collection, you're in luck. Microsoft has recently made available a free XP add-on that adds this capability, among other things. The add- on is called the Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP, and the tool you want is called the Media Library Management Wizard. When you launch this wizard and point it at your music library (typically the My Music folder), it gives you two options: clean up the media library or add new files. When you choose the clean-up option, Download album art is a subsequent option. Choose this option, and the system will add album art for all WMA-based CD rips. What about MP3 files? You can use a tool such as Plus! MP3 Audio Converter LE, also part of the free Bonus Pack, to convert MP3 files to WMA before you get the album art. For more information and the free download, visit the Microsoft Web site.

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