When I try and edit the default domain controller policy from Directory Management MMC the local policy is shown, why?

A. Normally to edit the default domain controller policy you would

  1. Start the Directory Management MMC (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Directory Management)
  2. Select the domain and right click on "Domain Controllers" and select Properties
  3. Select the 'Group Policy' tab
  4. The policies in effect will be shown, normally 'Default Domain Controllers Policy". If you select it and click Edit the Group Policy editor MMC should start with "Default Domain Controllers Policy" as its root. You can then make changes

If when Group Policy Editor starts, you instead have "Local Policy" at the root the likely cause is the MMC start setting has been corrupted and this is usually caused by the installation of Office 2000. To repair perform the following:

  1. Start the registry editor (regedit.exe)
  2. Move to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MSCFile\Shell\Open\Command
  3. Double click on (Default)
  4. If the line reads
    D:\WINNT\System32\MMC.EXE "%1"
    (your NT installation location may be different) Add %* to the end, e.g.
    D:\WINNT\System32\MMC.EXE "%1" %*
  5. Click OK

The policy editing should now work as expected. The basic problem is MMC was not being passed all the parameters and thus opening the default "Local policy".

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