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When does DPM 2016 use ReFS formatted volumes?

When does DPM 2016 use ReFS formatted volumes?

Q. When does DPM use ReFS formatted volumes for its storage instead of NTFS formatted disks?

A. As of DPM 2016 a new, more efficient method of storing backup data known as modern storage which is based on ReFS formatted volumes is available. VHDX files are created on the ReFS volume which contains the backup data and utilizes the new ReFS clone capability to store the various recovery points instead of the old VSS snapshot method.

To use the modern storage (which is enabled by default) the following must be true:

  • Must be DPM 2016
  • DPM must be running on Windows Server 2016
  • The physical disk must not be a dynamic disk
  • Only new data sources will use modern storage. Any existing protected items will have to have protection stopped, retain the replica then reprotect at which point the reprotected data source will be placed on modern storage
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