What's Mozilla?

A. Mozilla is an alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) that's recently undergone some big enhancements. You can download the latest version (Mozilla 1.4) or get the lean version (Mozilla Firebird 0.6) at http://www.mozilla.org. Mozilla Firebird doesn't require installation--you just unzip the downloaded package to a folder and run the software from there.

Some of Mozilla's features include

  • tabs to load multiple Web sites instead of opening separate instances of the application for each Web site
  • a built-in popup ad blocker
  • tools to better control information that the browser receives, such as a tool that prevents Web sites from modifying the Web browser status bar, which typically displays the Web site address
  • a search box for searching public search engines, such as Google
  • automatic import of IE bookmarks
  • support for all leading standards (e.g., HTML) and plug-ins

After using Mozilla for a day, I was impressed by its clean interface, speed, and flexibility. I particularly liked the tabbed browsing feature. Give it a look.

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