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What's Hot: Products from Adhaero Technologies, Pocketop, and Ilium Software

Readers highlight exceptional products that help them do their job.

Provide Document Security

Adhaero Technologies,Adhaero Doc,, 561-998-4180

Adhaero Doc from Adhaero Technologies lets you encrypt and control Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook documents throughout their life cycle. The software assigns digital access rights to documents and email messages that users create in Office or Outlook. The software provides security to a document rather than to a hard disk. Adhaero Doc uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and encryption to permanently control documents and email messages, even when they've left the network of origin. Allen Wise of Ramsbury, Wiltshire, UK recommended Adhaero Doc as a top product. He said, "I can use the software to send you a confidential document and limit how long you can see or amend it (with my permission) before it is destroyed. I can also prevent you from printing or forwarding to anyone else. It's nice and easy to use without messing about converting it to Adobe and other formats."

Adhaero Doc runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows 98 systems and supports Office 2000 and Office XP. The software uses the Blowfish algorithm and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encryption. Contact vendor for pricing.

PDA Users: Pack a Keyboard in Your Pocket

Pocketop, Pocketop Keyboard,, 866-276-2538, [email protected]

Windows & .NET Magazine reader Mathias Vestergaard from Denmark offers high praise for his Pocketop Keyboard from Pocketop. He said, "I've just bought a wireless keyboard for my PDA. It's pretty cool and uses infrared to communicate with Palm and Pocket PC devices. It works quite well."

The Pocketop Keyboard weighs 4.2 ounces and is designed to fold in half, so it's small enough to fit inside a pocket. The keyboard's infrared (IR) beam interfaces with the IR port of your PDA. Battery life lasts approximately 3 months if you use the keyboard to type one full-page letter, respond to 10 email messages, enter one new contact, and change one meeting each day. Palm users can rotate their PDA's screen orientation horizontally as an alternative setup to get more characters on a line. The Pocketop Keyboard costs $89 and is compatible with Handspring, Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM, Palm, Sony, and Toshiba PDAs.

Generate Procedure Checklists

Ilium Software, ListPro,,
734-973-9388, 888-632-5388

Ilium Software's ListPro organization software has saved John Mottershead of Tunbridge Wells, UK time and money. ListPro can organize any information in a list format. Features such as alarms, indenting and outlining, highlighting, and column size adjusting help you to organize information in the format that best helps you to complete tasks and remind yourself about what you have to work on in the future. The software is more than a database and a PIM because it lets you synchronize your lists between your PDA and your PC. "It's not especially fancy, but if you need to generate checklists for everyday tasks such as procedures, then this is the tool for the job. There is also an increasingly useful range of free lists to download from the vendor's Web site. An added bonus is that ListPro will sync with your Windows CE device or Palm PDA. If you want software that does exactly what it says, this is it!" said Mottershead.

ListPro runs on your Pocket PC, Palm, and Windows CE device for $19.95. You can purchase ListPro Professional Edition for your desktop and PDA device for $29.95 and synchronize information between both devices. Download a device-specific 30-day trial version from Ilium Software's Web site.

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