What's a CSV file?

A. A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is an ASCII file in which commas delimit the individual data fields. Microsoft Exchange Administrator can import or export directory data (including mailbox objects, custom recipients, and distribution lists) as CSV files. Here’s the beginning of a sample CSV file (we see the header, the first record, and part of the second record):

Obj-Class,Mode,First Name,Last name,Display Name,Alias Name,Directory <br>
Name, Primary Windows NT Account,Home-Server,E-mail address,E-mail<br> Addresses,Members, Obj-Container,Hide from AB<br>
SMTP:[email protected]%X400:c=US;a= ;p=Robichaux ?<br>
Asso;o=US;s=Hood;g=Jim;,, /ou=US/cn=Recipients, <br>

You can export a CSV file from Exchange Server, edit it, and reimport it to create or remove objects or change their attributes. Because CSV files are just ASCII text, you can easily manipulate them with Excel, Perl, VBScript, or other text-editing tools.

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