What keys are available during startup of Windows 2000 to troubleshoot?

A. Windows 2000 inherits some of the Windows 98 features including the ability to press F8 to bring up a menu allowing various "safe" startup options.

  • Safe Mode
  • Safe Mode with Networking
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • Enable boot logging
  • Enable VGA mode
  • Enable Last Known Good configuration
  • Directory Services Restore Mode
  • Debugging Mode
  • Boot Normally

There are other startup keys available, some of which are not documented:

  • F5 - If during installation at the "Setup is inspecting your computer" the system hangs press F5 and a list of PC types will be listed. Select "Standard PC" which should resolve your problem
  • F6 - Displayed early in setup and allows 3rd party drivers to be loaded
  • F7 - Load the normal PC HAL instead of the ACPI HAL
  • F8 - As shown above
  • <Shift - F10> - Open command prompt during GUI phase of installation

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