What keyboard shortcuts can I use with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and Mozilla Firebird 0.6?

A. The following table lists the most popular keyboard shortcuts:

Action Internet Explorer Mozilla Firebird
Add bookmark Ctrl+D Ctrl+D
Back Backspace/Alt+<left arrow> Backspace/Alt+<left arrow>
Forward Shift+Backspace/Alt+<right arrow> Shift+Backspace/Alt+<right arrow>
Bookmarks Ctrl+I Ctrl+B
Close window Ctrl+W Ctrl+W
Go to www.<text>.com Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Enter
Go to www.<text>.net   Shift+Enter
Go to www.<text>.org   Shift+Ctrl+Enter
Downloads   Ctrl+E
Find on page Ctrl+F Ctrl+F
Find again F3/Ctrl+G  
Full screen (toogle) F11 F11
History Ctrl+H Ctrl+H
New Tab   Ctrl+T
Move to next tab   Ctrl+Tab
Move to previous tab   Ctrl+Shift+Tab
New window Ctrl+N Ctrl+N
View source Ctrl+F3 Ctrl+U
Reload Ctrl+R/F5 Ctrl+R/F5
Reload (don't use cache) Ctrl+F5 Ctrl+Shift+R/Ctrl+F5
Select location bar Alt+D/F4/F6/Ctrl+Tab Alt+D/F6/Ctrl+L
Select search bar   Ctrl+K
Select tab   Ctrl+\[1 to 9\]
Stop Esc Esc
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