What do I do if I need Windows Messaging, which isn't included in Windows 2000?

A. The Windows Messaging component that's part of Windows NT isn't supplied with Win2K. You might get the following error while upgrading to Win2K:

Setup has detected a version of the Messaging application programming 
interface that does not function on Windows 2000. You will have to 
obtain an upgrade pack for your e-mail program, or reinstall it after 
upgrading to Windows 2000.

After the upgrade you might experience the following problems:

  • A program using the Messaging API (MAPI) doesn't work.
  • The Microsoft Mail PostOffice and Mail icons are absent from Control Panel.
  • The Start menu contains a shortcut for Windows Messaging, but the shortcut doesn't work.
If you need Windows Messaging for Win2K, you can contact Microsoft Product Support Services. However, you'll be advised to use either Outlook 2000, which supports MAPI, or to move to Collaboration Data Objects (CDO).
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