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What are the ErrorControl, Start and Type values under the Services subkeys?

A. A. Each of the main 3 values and their contents are described below.


This is used if the service fails to startup upon boot.

Value Meaning
0x00 If this driver can't be loaded or started ignore the problem and display no error
0x01 If the driver fails produce a warning but let bootup continue
0x02 Panic. If the current config is last known good continue, if not switch to last known good
0x03 Record the current startup as a failure. If this is last known good run diagnostic, if not switch to last known good and reboot


This defines when in the boot sequence the service should be started. You can also set these by using the Services control panel applet.

Value Start Type Meaning
0x00 Boot The kernel loaded will load this driver first as its needed to use the boot volume device
0x01 System This is loaded by the I/O subsystem
0x02 Autoload The service is always loaded and run
0x03 Manual This service does not start automatically and must be manually started by the user
0x04 Disabled The service is disabled and should not be started


This defines the kind of service or driver. They are loaded in the following order down the list.

Value Meaning
0x01 Kernel-mode device driver
0x02 Kernel-mode device driver that implements the file system
0x04 Information used by the Network Adapter
0x10 A Win32 service that should be run as a stand-alone process
0x20 A Win32 service that can share address space with other services of the same type

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