What are bootcamps?

A. A bootcamp is the term given to a certification course with an extremely accelerated schedule, often promising obtaining a given certification within a few weeks.

In most cases, bootcamps are not a good idea for prospective candidates because students will likely suffer from information overload. Bootcamps present more information than participants (even industry veterans) can absorb and understand in the short time frame. Often bootcamp advertisements target beginners, which might create problems for newly certified individuals because they won't have the required knowledge in their field.

In some instances, however, bootcamps might be the way to go. For example, a bootcamp might be a good idea for experienced professionals who are tasked with obtaining a given certification in a short amount of time by their employer or who can't take the time to attend a multiweek training class. Even then, these veterans will likely have to supplement their class time with additional study on their own time.

The general rule to remember about bootcamps is caveat emptor, "let the buyer beware."

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