Welcome - 07 Sep 1999

Welcome to the premiere issue of the IIS Administrator newsletter. Our goal is to provide you with a monthly in-depth publication covering various aspects of IIS that you can't obtain elsewhere. This publication is full of technical details about performing various tasks and solving problems related to Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and applications running on IIS—information from the trenches.

The coverage in IIS Administrator will include not only IIS but also related products such as Site Server and the Microsoft Windows Internet Information Server Resource Kit, applications such as e-commerce, and tips and tricks on making all this technology work together. In the IIS Informant section, you can get answers to your questions about IIS.

We have several great authors lined up to provide ongoing information. These authors are the best in the industry and have years of experience with the technology. You can expect the authors to take the lessons they have learned in the field and deliver them to you in the newsletter each month. These articles will be tactical. They will dig into how to do things with many step-by-step procedures.

IIS Administrator subscribers can access the newsletter online at http://www.winntmag.com/newsletter/iis. You can read the full text of all articles starting with this first issue. To find specific articles, you can search the site by issue, author, and topic. The online version also lets you do a full-text search, download code, and access the newsletter away from the office. However, because only subscribers can access articles, you'll need information from the mailing label on your printed newsletter to log on to the site.

Send your questions and comments about the IIS Administrator Web site to [email protected] You also have an IIS discussion forum. Go to Windows NT Magazine's Web site (http://www.winntmag.com/support), select the BackOffice forum, and scroll down to the IIS, Site Server, and Transaction Server area.

In addition, we want your feedback. Your comments are valuable to us because they tell us what information you're looking for. We'll often take your feedback, research it, and turn it into an article. That way, you help to shape the content of the newsletter.

In future issues, this back page will contain Reader to Reader hints. Email your IIS and Site Server solutions (400 words or less) to R2R at [email protected] Please include your phone number. We'll edit submissions for style, grammar, and length. If we print your contribution, you'll get $100!

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