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Watch, Monitor, and Control Home AV Systems from Anywhere

SkipJam announced SkipJam HomeView for iMedia, software that lets you watch, monitor, and control your AV systems from anywhere in the world. You can access your networked multimedia home through any broadband connection. The software uses MPEG-4 compression to send images and sounds over the Internet. Control signals are sent back to the SkipJam iMedia Home Network, which emits infrared (IR), Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), Universal Plug and Play (UpnP), or serial commands to attached devices, letting you play, pause, change channels, and directly control your devices. HomeView automatically measures available network bandwidth and adjusts signal quality for optimal viewing. HomeView also automatically converts existing video recordings to a bit rate appropriate for remote viewing so that you can view TV recordings or security-device feeds in real-time.

SkipJam’s HomeView is available to SkipJam owners at no additional charge. You can download HomeView as an update to existing iMedia installations. SkipJam iMedia Center is priced at $799, SkipJam iMedia Player at $499, SkipJam iMedia Audio Player at $299, and SkipJam Audio Player Pro at $499. For more information, contact SkipJam at 914-933-0590 or on the Web.

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