Use DropShots to Stay Connected with Family and Friends

So many families these days are separated by geographical distances, and the result is a bunch of grandparents who sadly miss out on their grandkids' everyday experiences. Or long-time family friends who spend perhaps one day per year in the company of those who are closest to them. One way to establish daily audio and visual contact between geographically separated friends and family is to establish some kind of Web-based communication between computers. is a unique player in the photo- and video-sharing market, providing a social-networking service that lets friends and family use audio and video commenting to foster communication. The DropShots “Conversation System” lets visitors using a computer microphone or Web cam to post audio and video comments directly from a Web page—with no software installation needed. Audio and video comments are instantly posted and playable alongside traditional text comments. Users can see and hear their loved ones express their enthusiasm and support for what they are seeing on the photos and videos posted.

DropShots, which focuses specifically on the family market, is a private service. Users' photos and videos aren't displayed publicly and not open to indexing by search engines. It's a destination, centered on the conversations between friends and family who want to keep in touch and share important life moments. It's also very easy to use for any level of computer user.

For more information, visit the DropShots Web site.

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