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UPS Vendor Directory

UPS Vendor Directory

Acme Electric


Products: 250VA to 1400VA standby models, and 1000VA to 2000VA on-line. Works with PowerMon II software to provide shutdown/startup and SNMP features, among others.

Alpha Technologies, Inc.


Products: Line-interactive products from 450VA to 2.4kVA (includes NT-compatible software for monitoring, shutdown, and diagnostics) and 600VA to 15kVA (includes monitoring/shutdown software with an NT interface requiring just an additional cable). On-line products feature a diagnostics package and UPS Management Plus software that interfaces with Windows NT.

American Power Conversion (APC)


Products: Smart-UPS models range from 25VA to 3kVA and offer SmartSlot, an internal accessory option slot that lets the customer use the PowerNet SNMP adapter card or the UPS interface expander card for multi-platform, unattended, graceful shutdown. Both Smart-UPS and Matrix-UPS run APC's PowerChute Plus for NT.



Products: On-line UPSs ranging from 1kVA to 18kVA, and standby units from 250VA to 1.4kVA. Works with PowerMon II.

Best Power


Products: Offers standby, line-interactive, and on-line products ranging from 250VA to 220kVA. All Best Power models 400VA and higher come with interface kits that provide safe, automatic, unattended shutdown of Windows NT/LAN systems during power failures. \[Editor's Note:

Best Power recently merged with Sola.\]



Products: On-line products, 750VA to 3kVA deskside units. Works with PowerMon II.

Clary Corporation


Products: 450VA to 2400VA on-line models, with surge and noise suppression. PowerMon II software provides shutdown/startup, SNMP, etc.

Computer Power, Inc.


Products: Standby, line-interactive, and on-line models ranging from 300VA to 350kVA. Works with PowerMon II.

Controlled Power


Products: Offers one line-interactive UPS with sine-wave output, ranging in power from 400VA to 2.2kVA. The company sells four single-phase on-line UPS models (400VA to 25kVA) and two three-phase on-line units ranging from 10kVA to 60kVA.

Control Technology


Products: Standby models for commercial applications, ranging from 450VA to 2000VA. Works with PowerMon II.



Products: On-line models ranging from 3kVA to 60kVA for data-processing centers and 5kVA to 300kVA for industrial applications. Works with PowerMon II.

Deltec Electronics Corp.


Products: Deltec UPS products use LANSafe III power-management software for Windows NT, which provides automatic, orderly shutdown after warning and a power-status display.

EFI Electronics


Products: 400VA to 1250VA standby models that work with PowerMon II.



Products: 750VA to 2100VA models that work with PowerMon II.

Energy Technologies, Inc.


Products: On-line models from 0VA (power conditioners) to 6kVA--rack-mountable and ruggedized for industrial and military applications, as well as office floor-standing units. Works with PowerMon II.

Exide Electronics, Inc.


Products: Powerware Prestige on-line products (from 650VA to 6KVA) and the Powerware Plus models (8kVA to 80kVA). Exide's OnliNet software for Windows NT provides automatic, graceful shutdown of Windows NT Workstations, Servers, and network devices.

Gamatronic Electronic Industries, Ltd.

972-2-821777 (Israel)

Products: 250VA to 750VA standby models, and 250VA to 80kVA on-line microprocessor-controlled units. Proprietary software.

Hewlett-Packard Co.


Products: HP's PowerWise line includes two line-interactive units (600VA and 900VA) and two on-line units (1kVA and 2.1kVA). The NT version of HP's PowerWise Assistant power-management software provides graceful, unattended server shutdown and offers real-time and historical graphical views of power quality, load usage, and battery charge. The company also offers the Cable Kit for use with the standard Windows NT UPS service.

Intellipower, Inc.


Products: Offers the on-line Bright UPS (650VA to 1.5kVA), available in vertical, horizontal, and rack-mount versions. The company also sells a Plug and Play Windows NT interface cable.

International Power Machines


Products: Balanced Power models offer on-line units in the 10kVA to 300kVA range for three-phase in and out, 600VA to 12kVA single-phase, and 15kVA, 18kVA, and 20kVA three-phase in/single-phase out. Works with PowerMon II.

International Power Technologies (IPT)


Products: IPT offers line-interactive models ranging from 450VA to 2400VA, and on-line models from 3.75kVA to 10kVA--both series have available extended run-time battery add-ons. They also offer a 250VA standby unit specialized for use with office equipment. All work with PowerMon II.

Liebert Corp.


Products: Offers on-line, line-interactive, and standby UPS products ranging from 250VA to 1000kVA.

Mesta Electronics


Products: Offers products that are both on-line and line-interactive in one (the AC line is parallel with the UPS battery so it is constantly supplementing power and interacting with the supply line); single-phase units from 400VA to 10kVA, and three-phase units from 10kVA to 50kVA. Works with PowerMon II.

Oneac Corp.


Products: Offers one line of premium-grade server-sized UPS products for mission-critical applications. Significant features for the NT environment include complete transformer-isolated AC power conditioning to protect Windows NT from random lockups caused by lower-level conducted-line transients.

On-Line Power


Products: Single-phase, line-interactive models ranging from 3kVA to 15kVA, and on-line three-phase units in the 10kVA to 50kVA range. Works with PowerMon II.

Para Systems--MinuteMan


Products: Offers a number of on-line, line-interactive, and standby products. The XRT Series (for Extended Run Time) provides enhanced battery power from two hours to two days. All products 500VA and above work with Minuteman's LANMaster for Windows power-management/shutdown software.

PowerCom America


Products: Off-line products ranging from 250VA to 1200VA, and on-line models in the 600VA to 10kVA range. Works with PowerMon II.

Power VAR


Products: Offers standby models in the 400VA to 2.2kVA (as well as versions that support the 50 Hz-220/230V international standard), and units aimed at scientific/medical systems with isolation transformers for spike and noise protection. Works with PowerMon II.



Products: Offers off-line, on-line, and line-interactive UPS products. All units use PowerMon II monitoring and shutdown software for Windows NT. Sola's featured unit for the NT environment is the Sola 700 on-line UPS. \[Editor's Note:

Best Power recently merged with Sola.\]



Products: Offers the EPE and TOPAZ lines of UPS products, ranging from 250VA to 500kVA. When used with Merlin Gerin management software (available from Square D), these products provide automatic shutdown/startup and power monitoring.

Superior Electric


Products: Markets three Stabiline product lines: six standby models, 12 line-interactive models, and nine on-line models. All units feature serial-communications capabilities for optional power-monitoring software.

Systems Enhancements, Inc.


Products: Makes PowerMon II for Windows NT, network power-management software that comes bundled with several UPS hardware products or can be purchased separately. Software features include an on-line power-status graph, modifiable user messages, power analysis by time of day, and user-configurable shutdown timer.



Products: Single-phase and three-phase double conversion on-line models, ranging from 600VA to 50kVA. Works with PowerMon II.

Tripp Lite


Products: Markets on-line, line-interactive, and standby UPS products ranging from 200VA to 5kVA. Tripp Lite's Power Alert Plus network-management software for Windows NT is a 32-bit application to shut down Windows-based applications/operating systems.

TSI Power Corp.


Products: Sells on-line, line-interactive, and standby UPS models ranging from 360VA to 5kVA. All units are plug-in compatible with Windows NT. Serial port cable provided.



Products: Sells on-line and standby UPS products. The company's on-line models use PowerMon II.

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