UK Government Recommending Against BYOD

UK Government Recommending Against BYOD

For now, the United Kingdom's Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) is advising its government agencies to halt the implementation of favorable BYOD policies. In their latest End User Devices Security and Configuration Guidance report, CESG has come to the same conclusion that many businesses have – that BYOD is not quite ready for prime time.

As I've discussed here at Windows IT Pro, BYOD represents yet another technology where the industry rolled out an idea instead of technology, and now the technology is slow in catching up. The CESG gets it, stating that a BYOD model will be possible eventually, whenever the technology to manage and secure devices is available, but, for now, it is not recommended for a variety of technical and non-technical reasons.

You can read the full guidance here: End User Devices Security Guidance: Introduction

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