Try This Simple Photo-Gallery Creator

Perhaps you've tried your hand at some kind of complicated photo software that requires you to spend hours learning to use the program. Ready for something that will let you become instantly productive? Take a look at fhPhotoGallery, which provides a simple and fast way to generate a photo gallery that you can either upload to your Web site or just visualize on your PC. In minutes, you can share your photos with friends and family.

By simply selecting a template, answering a few questions (all of them having a valid and reasonable default value), and selecting the images you want to display, you can direct fhPhotoGallery to create all the HTML pages necessary for your gallery. Links between pages are generated automatically, and you will then just have to click one of the pages or link your main page to it to have a working photo gallery.

fhPhotoGallery also lets you choose the direction in which any picture is displayed, and you can automatically create lighter images for the thumbnails and the displayable images. You don't have to prepare your images in a complex image-processing tool.

A fully functional demo is available to the public at the fhPhotoGallery Web site. Program registration costs only $15 and may be completed at the company Web site or in the software itself.

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