Top 7 Cities for New IT Jobs

IT staffing firm Modis has released a report on the top seven cities where they're finding a large growth in IT positions. Below is each city and what types of skills are in demand.

1. Houston, TX—ERP configuration (SAP and Oracle), application development, systems administration, virtualization, project management, business analyst.
2. Washington, DC—Project management, program management, software engineer, network/infrastructure, mobile app development, cloud computing, business analyst, application development. 
3. Columbus, OH—Project management, business analyst, web development, quality assurance.
4. Detroit, MI— Java developers, project management and business analyst. 
5. Philadelphia, PA— Project management, business analyst, quality assurance, J2EE/Java engineers and developers, .Net developers. 
6. Edison, NJ —Project management, business analyst, .NET and Java development.
7. Boston, MA— Java developers, .Net developers, BI/DW engineers, storage engineers, business analyst, project management.
While these are the cities with the highest demand, Jack Cullen with Modis assured me that there is demand for IT admins and developers across the country. The difficult thing now is that the skill set desired is quickly changing, with knowledge of cloud computing, mobile development, and business becoming heavily desired skills.

A key takeaway for job seekers here is that you should frame your current experience and knowledge base to touch on how you are qualified for these types of roles, or potentially seek out new training if you don't feel like you can compete in these segments.

Cullen also said that while the company's network is their primary pool for new positions, they also use LinkedIn quite a bit and job boards for certain positions. 

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