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Top 25 Funniest End-User Questions

What makes you laugh at work?

In our2012 Windows IT Pro Community Choice survey, we took the opportunity to ask you some lighthearted questions about your job. One of those questions was, “What’s the funniest question you’ve received from an end user?” We got a kick out of all your answers, but here are our top 25 favorite. Enjoy!

  1. Are you open?
  2. How long will this take?
  3. Is the Internet down?
  4. What’s my password?
  5. What’s the administrator password?
  6. What does this thingy do?
  7. Can you make my computer slower?
  8. Do you know where my file went?
  9. How does my email know when to arrive in my time zone?
  10. Can I record the meeting and automatically turn the audio into a Word document?
  11. Is it possible for my mouse to overheat?
  12. Can I get our office wireless connection at home?
  13. Can’t I just use the same password for everything?
  14. Can you put Microsoft on my computer?
  15. Did you get my email about email being down?
  16. Does this computer need all those cords plugged into the wall?
  17. Virtual servers are free, right?
  18. Does the computer need to be switched on for the monitor to work?
  19. Won’t Shift+8 give me a capital 8?
  20. Can you write the information directly on my memory?
  21. Why does the screen go dark?! I’ll lose everything if I don’t keep moving my mouse!
  22. Can I change the color of Bluetooth?
  23. Where do I plug in my Wi-Fi?
  24. Can you give me access to everyone’s files?
  25. Does red mean bad?
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