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TEC 2010 and the Wook Lee Challenge

One of the TEC conference’s unique traditions is the annual Wook Lee Memorial MVP Pro-Am Challenge. I’ve provided some background about it before. The Challenge is a unique combination of left-brain and right brain activity, with about 24 hours to put it together and present it. It’s always fun to work with a typically high-powered brain trust engaged in creative yet geeky activities. This year Stewart Kwan was unable to make it (though we hope that will change next year), so Gil Kirkpatrick provided the Challenge – and thus neatly sidestepped getting himself involved in such shenanigans.

Challenge #1, assigned to Pamela Dingle, was to “Compose and recite haiku regarding claims-based authentication, federation, and PKI.” Here’s the Powerpoint slide show we cooked up in response. (Should you feel an overwhelming desire to have one of these on your desk as an inspirational poster, a PDF is available here.)

Challenge #2, assigned to Laura Hunter, was to write and perform a short play regarding an Active Directory forest melt down and recovery. Due to time pressures (she had actual real presentations to work on – go figure) Laura opted to write two sonnets instead. (You really need to see her performing them to get the full effect, and we’re working on that.)

Challenge #3, assigned to Brad Turner, was to simulate the function of the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) sync engine using cardboard, duct tape, and string. Brad and his team did a great job; you definitely need to see the video when it becomes available to appreciate the degree of silliness these otherwise responsible adults engaged in. I’m sure it will become a mainstay of the FIM instructional curriculum.

Not to mention the chicken.

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