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System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch FAQ

System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch FAQ

Over the last year Microsoft has been updating their flagship product under the moniker Windows as a Service (WaaS).

Faster changes to Windows means software that interacts with it must adopt a faster pace to stay aligned and that philosophy is taking hold in multiple areas of the company.

Microsoft has developed a hierarchical structure of releases that introduce stability for Windows in order to give enterprises and companies the compatibility they need for Line of Business apps and other software.

So this same concept is making its way into other Microsoft software and service offerings to keep everything in sync.

Recently, the Enterprise Mobility and Security folks have created a new Frequently Asked Questions page available that address System Center Configuration Managers Current Branch release.

This new FAQ has been broken down into three key areas and multiple sub-topics:

Product Roadmap

  • How does the ConfigMgr release cadence align with current Microsoft Intune and Windows 10 Current Branch release cadences?
  • I’m not managing Windows 10 Current Branch or Current Branch for Business. Do I still need to stay current with Configuration Manager?
  • Is there a ConfigMgr Current Branch and Current Branch for Business?
  • What’s the story with technical previews?
  • Will Microsoft release a ConfigMgr product update in alignment with System Center 2016?

Incremental Update Versions

  • How often will updates be released for ConfigMgr?
  • How long is each update version supported?
  • Is extended interop or mixed version hierarchies recommended or supported?
  • What’s the difference between current branch’s incremental update versions and cumulative updates released with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager?

Application Compatibility (AppCompat)

  • Will previous update versions support newer builds of Windows 10?
  • What can I expect in regard to support for Windows Server 2016? Which update version will add support?
  • Which update versions will add support for updates or upgrades to product dependencies (like SQL or .Net)?

You can read all the FAQ answers on the Enterprise Mobility and Security blog.

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