Suggested changes to Office toolbars

  • Take off the default New button and add the New... command, found in the File category. The default New button starts a new blank document with no choices, whereas the New... command brings up the New Document task pane, where you can select a template and other options for starting a new document.
  • Take off the default Print button and add the Print… command, found in the File category. The default Print button sends the entire document to the default printer with no choices. The Print... command brings up the Print dialog box, where you can specify a printer, a print range, and other print options.
  • Add the Paste Special… command, found in the Edit category.
  • Add buttons for macros you’ve created found in the Macros category.
  • If you have many macros, it may be not be realistic to add buttons for all macros, so you might opt to add a button to the Tools → Macro ? Macros command, from which you can launch any macro. Add the Macros... command, found in the Tools category.
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