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Spiceworks 7 Helps You Manage Mobile Devices ... For Free

Spiceworks 7 Helps You Manage Mobile Devices ... For Free

Streamline the way you manage mobile devices, inventory, cloud services, and Help desk environments

Spiceworks announced the release of Spiceworks 7, the latest version of its free IT management platform. Spiceworks 7 includes, for the first time, free mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, as well as significant updates to its inventory and Help desk applications. Collectively, the new features can give you greater visibility and control over the on-premises, cloud, and mobile technologies you use across your networks.

Free Mobile Device Management Capabilities

According to Spiceworks’ May 2013 report “As BYOD Becomes Mainstream, Complexity Increases for SMBs,” 61 percent of small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) have instituted a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy with broad support for a range of devices and form factors. However, only 37 percent have deployed or plan to deploy a MDM solution to manage those devices. This addition will help IT pros discover mobile devices and applications running on their network; enroll, inventory, and monitor individual or groups of devices; and establish custom alerts and reporting.

New Inventory Functionality

Spiceworks 7 also includes updates to its inventory and scanning capabilities to help IT pros get a full picture of their environment, including the computers, servers, routers, switches, and applications running on their network. The inventory application lets IT pros customize their scanning and inventory experiences, and new scanning workflows help IT departments inventory hard-to-decipher devices in an intuitive way that makes the scanning and inventory process easier. These additions allow IT pros to easily control scanning across very large, complex network environments.

As the adoption of cloud services accelerate among end-users and IT departments, it’s important for IT pros to understand how adoption is progressing across their organization. Spiceworks 7 also includes new cloud detection features, which help IT pros understand the cloud services employees are utilizing. Spiceworks 7 allows IT pros to create customized watch lists to alert them when specific cloud services are being used and by whom.  

Updated Help Desk Designed to Support Larger Environments

Spiceworks 7 includes an updated Help desk application to help IT departments in large and small organizations more quickly react to end-user requests for support. The new Help desk features a significant performance increase, updated aesthetics, and the ability for tickets to be updated in real time by multiple IT pros working to resolve an issue. These enhancements help IT departments, especially in larger organizations, stay up-to-speed on the tickets and requests their peers are addressing.

For more information and to download Spiceworks 7, visit the Spiceworks website.

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