Sort a table

While you can usually undo a sort, it is a good idea to save your document prior to performing a sort.
  1. Position the insertion point in the table.
  2. Choose Table → Sort.

    The Sort dialog box appears.

    Sort dialog box

  3. If your table has a header row, be sure to select My so that the header row is not sorted into the data.
    If you have already configured your header row to repeat at the top of each page, this option will be selected and dimmed.
  4. Select which column you wish to sort by in the Sort by drop-down list. If you have selected the Header row option, the list will show the items in the first row of your table. Otherwise, it will show a generic, Column 1, Column 2, etc.
  5. Choose the Type of sort based on the type of data in the column.
  6. Choose Ascending (0-9, A-Z) or Descending (Z-A, 9-0) order.
  7. Optionally, repeat steps 4-6 in the Then by sections for two additional sort criteria.
  8. Click OK.
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