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Solve issues deleting service template in SCVMM

Solve issues deleting service template in SCVMM

Q. I'm trying to delete a Service Template in SCVMM but it won't let me as it says its referenced by another object.

A. If an object is referenced by another object in SCVMM then it cannot be deleted. You need to find which object is referencing, remove those objects then delete the target of the deletion. If you are trying to delete a service template then the easiest way to determine what is using the template is as follows:

  1. Open the VMM Management Console
  2. Open the Library workspace
  3. Navigate to Templates - Service Templates
  4. Select the service template you wish to delete
  5. In the details at the bottom services built from the template will be displayed which can be clicked to open the service. You would then delete that service (if you are sure it is not required) at which point the service template could be deleted
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