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Software Plus Services . . . Say What?

I’d like to tag onto Michael’s “5 things you need to know about SQL Server Data Services” in his June article, by adding “6. What the heck is Software Plus Services?” In case you’ve been too busy actually working to learn about Microsoft’s new “strategery” (term courtesy of Will Ferrell and President Dubya), I’ve found a few articles that can quickly fill you in on what your favorite might-as-well-be-a-monopoly is up to. Get the background on Microsoft’s Software Plus Services, read how it’s manifesting, and learn what this new approach could mean for you.

“Microsoft's Software Plus Services Strategy,” InstantDoc ID 96673
Karen Forster explores whether Microsoft’s strategy will let it produce software revenue while creating new revenue as well.

“November 2007 Letters,” Instant Doc ID 97320
Reader galaxis13 explains possible reasons for Microsoft to adopt the Software Plus Services approach.

“Microsoft Office Live Workspace: A Winning Strategy?” InstantDoc ID 98103
Jeff James reviews the first tangible manifestation of Microsoft’s strategy.

Will Software Plus Services add to your success or just to Microsoft’s wallet? Send me your thoughts at [email protected].

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