A Sneak Peek at the 2007 Editors' Best Awards

So many IT products and services options are available that it's hard to keep them straight—let alone decide which is the best solution. This year, our editors have done that hard work for you. Coming in our August issue, the 2007 Editor's Best Awards announces the best solutions in interoperability, security, systems management, hardware, and more. Our editors chose the best products in their areas of expertise and interviewed users to help explain what makes the products so special. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come.


"Peace of mind is something IT pros want but don't often have—there's always something, somewhere, that can and will go wrong with your system. Among the huge number of systems management products that come across my desk, one solution stands out . . ."

—Caroline Marwitz, systems management


"The network-management marketplace is flooded with products that claim to help you better oversee your network infrastructure and environment. I talk to vendors around the world, and each one seems to offer a unique answer to that age-old IT administrator plea: How can your product make my life easier?" —Jason Bovberg, network

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