SMS—At a Glance

SMS--At a Glance

SMS Administrator: This is the main administration tool that gives control over the basic functions such as:

  • Inventory--Enables you to define inventory rules, manage inventory databases, construct queries for specific machines, and view composite information about all PCs on the network.
  • Software distribution/installation--Enables you to prepare and track software "packages" through the distribution/installation process.
  • Remote diagnostics and control--Enables you to select and connect to a machine on which you can run Help desk utilities, remote diagnostics, and other control programs.
  • Monitoring--Enables you to view event logs, define alert conditions, and pre-set responses.

SMS Security Manager: This tool uses security templates to define several administrators; each one can be granted access only to particular administrative features.

SMS Service Manager: This allows administrators to start, stop, pause, continue, and trace SMS Win32-based services running on either a Site or Helper Server, as well as generate a log file of actions and errors. Screen 1

SMS Network Monitor: This function graphically displays real-time statistics about sessions taking place and general statistics about total network activity, such as "packets/second," and "bytes/second" (similar to NetWare LANalyzer).

SMS MIF Form Generator: This is a client-based Management Information File entry program; the MIF is a standard ASCII file containing information about the computer (processor, video, memory, software, etc.) that can be stored in the inventory database.

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